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why choose natural stonoe


why choose natural stone


Why choose natural stone?At first, let me introduce what is "natural stone".

Natural stone is a material quarried from the Earth and used over thousands of years as building or decorative material in architecture and design.

the most common natural stones include Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Slate, Quartzite and Porphyry. Every piece is unique and can be processed into a variety of sizes, forms and finishes.

Throughout history, natural stone has been used as a prime building material. In fact, many of the great monuments from ancient Egypt and Greece were made out of natural stone and still standing today. This is a true testament to the strength, durability and endless luster of marble, granite, and other natural mediums. The ancient Greeks were among one of the first groups of people to bring natural stone into the home, boasting pools, baths and fountains that were lined with marble; a theme which has very much been carried through to modern day society. Today, many homeowners opt for natural stone over other building materials for a variety of reasons. The benefits of using a natural stone medium in home construction or for an indoor/outdoor home remodel are endless.

Goldtop stone as the nature's working partner,We can give you 9 reason for "why choose natural stone".


  • Green material


    Natural stone’s inherent characteristics make it Mother Nature’s original green building product. It can be used without any additional finishes or wall coverings, has low maintenance needs, and is highly durable—and recyclable. Unlike the many cladding materials available on the market requiring extensive manufacturing energy, natural stone is extracted from the earth and processed by cutting and finishing.



  • Variety


    By applying different finishes to the same native stone, designers can create an aesthetic variety without having to introduce a new material into the project. Unique finishing techniques applied to natural stone can create a range of tones and shades—varying from light to dark or muted to bold—achieving interest and contrast.

    Every slab is unique. The finish applied to natural stone will have an important effect on how the material looks. While some choose a stone based on color alone, it’s important for the client to understand they are buying all the stone’s attributes— perceived flaws and all. Therefore, it is imperative during the selection process that the material be examined not only for color and pattern, but the surface looked at from all angles to evaluate its surface characteristics.Evaluating a stone’s composition will further introduce options for its use. The range in density, flexural and compressive strength, coefficient of friction, and other properties help define suitability for stone use as pavers, columns, lintels, and facades. Despite how much we know about stone through history and experience, we are learning more about its potential as a purely structural element, or its heat absorbing capability, sustainable merits, and its true abundance.In other word,We can choose different natural stone materials according to different application.




  • Durable


    Natural stone is known for its durability and ability to withstand the test of time. Granite, specifically, is unmatched when it comes to strength – and makes for a great material to use for more complex structural home projects, such as building walls, monuments, and supports. Natural stone is undoubtedly more durable than most other artificial products on the market; showing minimal wear and tear over time, and it offers homeowners a sustainable option for indoor and outdoor home design.



  • Hygienic


    Natural stone is also a great option for those who suffer from allergies. Granite, slate or marble floors, for example, offer a more hygienic option than carpets, which easily attract dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants. Natural stone is safe to use around food, as well; making it a viable option for countertops, sinks and other common kitchen items. It is also naturally incombustible, waterproof and mold-proof – making it an excellent choice for rooms in your house that are more prone to water or fire damage, such as the bathroom or living room.








  • Value


    The value in natural stone is more than a monetary measure. It involves longevity, ease of maintenance, permanence and stability that far exceed initial investment. Utilizing natural stone is now more affordable than ever due to advancing stone quarrying and processing technology that has improved efficiency over the years. New automated machinery allows fabricators to cut natural stone thinner, faster, more consistently and at less cost than in times past. Development of anchoring technologies and systems make installation easier, quicker, and more secure. In addition, natural stone is simple to care for, has an appearance that literally improves with age and can last a life





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