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    Feb 28 , 2024
    Type: IBS | Las Vegas--2024 Stone fair Date: FROM FEB. 27 to FEB. 29, 2024. Booth NO.: C5150-1A, Central Hall. Add: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89109. The products displayed at this exhibition are mainly aimed at kitchen and bathroom projects in hotels, apartments, and homes, providing the Engineered Project...
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  • How to make marble countertops delivered to customers
    How to make marble countertops delivered to customers
    Feb 23 , 2024
    Marble works for kitchen countertops and dressers. In this project, we provide materials selection, drawing, production planning, production, transportation and other services. We will recommend suitable marble materials for customers according to their needs, help customers design drawings for free, synchronize the production process with customers, and let customers know the progress of the proj...
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  • Quartzite Vs Granite Countertops
    Quartzite Vs Granite Countertops
    Nov 29 , 2023
    Quartzite is compared to granite in terms of hardness and durability, but it’s important to know that these two types of natural stone are not one and the same. Since quartzite comes in colors that are trending right now, such as light gray and white, it is a popular countertop option in today’s neutral-toned kitchen designs. It also looks a lot like marble, which many will agree is th...
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  • Quartzite Countertops Pros And Cons
    Quartzite Countertops Pros And Cons
    Nov 29 , 2023
    If you love natural stone and want that organic feel for your kitchen then quartzite is the choice for you. Quartzite’s most appealing feature is definitely its similarity to marble. It comes in unique, interesting designs and a variety of colors which will be a great option in case you love the look but can’t afford marble.   Cristallo Sweet Quartzite   Quartzite is generall...
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  • How About Quartzite?
    How About Quartzite?
    Nov 29 , 2023
    Quartzite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth and ground into a beautiful surface. It is available in many colors and looks similar to granite but has more texture. The quartzite countertop surfaces are also more resistant to scratches and stains than their engineered counterparts. They are also considered eco-friendly because they do not have the same harmful chemicals that some other...
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  • How Natural Stone is Formed
    How Natural Stone is Formed
    Nov 24 , 2023
    Natural stone is one of the most commonly used materials, not just for the exterior or interior of a home, but for the exterior or interior of any building. However, most of you may have never wondered how each of these rocks formed or their characteristics. In this blog post, we will try to explain how different natural stone tiles are formed and with their characteristics.   Natural stones ...
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  • Understanding Marble for Fireplaces
    Understanding Marble for Fireplaces
    Nov 21 , 2023
      Marble, with its varied colors, intricate veining, and enduring appeal, has the power to transform any room into a haven of comfort and style. Whether you're drawn to sleek modern designs or the classic charm of tradition, a marble fireplace has something to offer everyone.       Picture marble as nature's canvas, creating a masterpiece for your fireplace. This stunning material boasts...
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  • Best Places To Use Marble In Your Home
    Best Places To Use Marble In Your Home
    Nov 21 , 2023
      Marble is one of the most recognizable stones for homeowners. If you have previously purchased Marble then you know how elegant and beautiful it is. That leaves us with the question: What areas are best for marble countertops?         Master Bathrooms   Marble is an ideal stone for a master bathroom because it doesn’t see as much traffic as a family bathroom does. A marble v...
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  • Why Decorate Your Fireplace with Marble
    Why Decorate Your Fireplace with Marble
    Nov 13 , 2023
    Palaces and statues made from marble over 1,000 years ago still stand today. The beautiful and durable stone has been consistently sought out to decorate the most elegant homes all over the world. It is a material that anyone can incorporate into their home in some manner, and fireplaces provide an excellent opportunity.   Marble Fireplace  Versatile in Design   Each piece of marble...
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